Discover natural-looking filler results with Belotero Balance® (+)

Deliver smooth, natural-feeling results to your patients with the all-around refiner. Belotero Balance (+) is uniquely designed for expressive, highly mobile areas of the face.1-4

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Patented technology helps create the highest level of cohesivity, with even integration into the dermis. A balance of elasticity, viscosity, and cohesivity increases your patients’ confidence in the natural look and feel of their results.1-3

Balanced elasticity and viscosity

These qualities make Belotero Balance (+) ideal for areas that need a product to fill and move with the dermis.1-4

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Seamless tissue integration

A unique rheologic profile results in a seamless, natural feel with minimal tissue disruption.3-6

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Harmonious and individualized results

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For volume augmentation for the improvement of the infraorbital hollow in adults over the age of 21

Treat the sensitive under-eye area with confidence knowing you have an FDA-approved, clinically tested treatment option in Belotero Balance (+).7 Get a summary of clinical trial results demonstrating the efficacy and safety of Belotero Balance (+) for treating infraorbital hollows.

In a clinical trial (n=150), 8 weeks after a single treatment with Belotero Balance (+)8

circle graph showing 98.9% of participants

98.9% of participants showed improvement in Global Aesthetics Improvement Scale

circle graph showing 80.6% of participants

80.6% of participants experienced a ≥1-point improvement in the Merz Infaorbital Hollow Assessment Scale in both infraorbital hollows

line graph showing 1.58 on a scale of 1 to 10

On a 0-10 scale (with 0 being “no pain” and 10 being “very severe pain”), the average score was 1.58

Belotero Balance patient’s undereye tear trough close up

Train to use Belotero Balance (+) for infraorbital hollows

Belotero Balance (+) is now approved for volume augmentation for the improvement of the infraorbital hollow in adults over the age of 21.7 You can use this new indication as an opportunity to expand your practice. Access training materials online today, and start offering Belotero Balance (+) to your patients looking for an ideal product to safely and effectively refine the under-eye area.7,8

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Actual Belotero Balance (+) patient. Individual results may vary.
Courtesy of Iani Silveira, MSN, FNP-BC, CPN | Bella Vida Aesthetics & Wellness.


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Feel prepared with a confident answer to patients’ aesthetic concerns

For etched-in lines in cosmetically sensitive, highly mobile areas of the face, pursue a seamless result with Belotero Balance (+).1-3 You can get a preview of your patients’ results with Belotero Balance (+) by checking out the before-&-after images for each of the approved treatment areas.

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Actual Belotero Balance (+) patient. Individual results may vary.


Looking to level up your practice’s marketing efforts? Merz can support you with that and more! Check out downloadable resources available for your patients, and sign in to the Merz Aesthetics Provider Portal, where you can access trainings and certifications and register your practice with the Xperience (+) Patient Rewards program.

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Important Safety Information


BELOTERO BALANCE® (+) Injectable Implant is FDA-approved for injection into the mid-to-deep dermis for the correction of moderate-to-severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds and for volume augmentation for the improvement of the infraorbital hollow in adults over the age of 21.


BELOTERO BALANCE® (+) should not be used in patients with bleeding disorders or in patients with severe allergies manifested by a history of anaphylaxis, or with a history or presence of multiple severe allergies. BELOTERO BALANCE® (+) should not be used in patients with a history of hypersensitivity to lidocaine or anesthetics of the amide type. BELOTERO BALANCE® (+) contains trace amounts of gram-positive bacterial proteins, and is contraindicated for patients with a history of allergies to such material.


Introduction of product into the vasculature may lead to embolization, occlusion of the vessels, ischemia, or infarction. Take extra care when injecting soft tissue fillers, for example inject the product slowly and apply the least amount of pressure necessary. Rare but serious adverse events associated with the intravascular injection of soft tissue fillers in the face have been reported and include temporary or permanent vision impairment, blindness, cerebral ischemia or cerebral hemorrhage, leading to stroke, skin necrosis, and damage to underlying facial structures. Immediately stop the injection if a patient exhibits any of the following symptoms, including changes in vision, signs of a stroke, blanching of the skin, or unusual pain during or shortly after the procedure. Patients should receive prompt medical attention and possibly evaluation by an appropriate health care practitioner specialist should an intravascular injection occur. Use of BELOTERO BALANCE® (+) in any person with active skin inflammation (skin eruptions such as cold sores, cysts, pimples, rashes, or hives) or infection in or near the treatment area should be deferred until the inflammatory or infectious process has been controlled.


In order to minimize the risks of potential complications, BELOTERO BALANCE® (+) should only be used by health care professionals who have appropriate training experience, and who are knowledgeable about the anatomy at and around the site of injection. Health care professionals are encouraged to discuss all potential risks of soft tissue infection with their patients prior to treatment and ensure that patients are aware of the signs and symptoms of potential complications. As with all skin-injection procedures, there is a risk of infection with BELOTERO BALANCE® (+). BELOTERO BALANCE® (+) should be used with caution in patients on immunosuppressive therapy. The use of BELOTERO BALANCE® (+) in patients with a history of previous herpetic eruption may be associated with reactivation of the herpes. Based on clinical trials, patients should be limited to a 6.0 mL of BELOTERO BALANCE® (+) per year. The safety of injecting greater amounts has not been established. The long-term safety and effectiveness of BELOTERO BALANCE® (+) beyond 96 weeks have not been investigated. The safety and effectiveness of BELOTERO BALANCE® (+) during pregnancy or breastfeeding, or in patients under 21 years have not been established. The safety of BELOTERO BALANCE® (+) in patients with known susceptibility to recurrent sore throat or Osler Rendu endocarditis has not been studied. No studies of BELOTERO BALANCE® (+) Injectable Implant with drugs or other substances or implants have been conducted. Patients using medications that prolong bleeding, such as aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or warfarin, may experience increased bruising and bleeding at the injection site. Exposure of the treated area to excessive sun, UV lamp exposure, and extreme cold weather should be minimized until any initial swelling and redness have resolved and puncture sites have healed. Laser treatment, chemical peeling, or any other procedure based on active dermal response performed after treatment with BELOTERO BALANCE® (+) may increase the risk of an inflammatory reaction at the injection site.

Adverse Events

The most common adverse events seen in clinical studies with BELOTERO BALANCE® (+) were swelling, bruising, redness, hardening of the skin, pain, altered color or itching. Other adverse events that have occurred with BELOTERO BALANCE® (+) include headache, swelling of the side of the nose, moderate cold sore, lip numbness, and lip dryness. Side effects were often mild to moderate and often resolved within 7 days.

Cases of delayed-onset inflammation have been reported to occur at the dermal filler treatment site following viral or bacterial illnesses or infections, vaccinations, or dental procedures. Typically, the reported inflammation was responsive to treatment or resolved on its own.

Information on adverse events from post-market surveillance of BELOTERO BALANCE® (+) are included in the Instructions for Use (IFU) and Patient Information Guide (PIG) based on an assessment of seriousness and potential causal relationship to the products. Please see the IFU and PIG available on for a complete list of these events. To report a problem with BELOTERO BALANCE® (+), please call MyMerz Solutions at 1-844-469-6379 or email For complete Safety Information, please visit

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