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Put your best face forward with a filler designed to flex. Belotero Balance (+) works differently from other hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers by spreading evenly and integrating into the structure of your skin. The result is a smooth, natural glow that won’t interfere with your facial expressions or feel unnatural to the touch.1-4

Actual Belotero Balance (+) patient. Individual results may vary.


Over time, your skin begins to lose naturally occurring components such as collagen and elastin. This leaves it more prone to develop etched-in lines and wrinkles.1,6 As an HA filler, Belotero Balance (+), composed of hyaluronic acid, being a naturally occurring component of the skin, can be used to restore volume and smooth the lines and wrinkles that form with age.3,5,7 Compared with other HA fillers, Belotero Balance (+) is manufactured for greater cohesion and balanced viscosity and elasticity—properties that allow your provider to customize your treatment and achieve subtle, natural-looking results.1,2

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Stay expressive in highly mobile areas of your face

Think filler will compromise your natural facial expressions? Rest assured that Belotero Balance (+) is specifically designed to prevent this from happening.1,4

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Choose the gel filler that evenly integrates with your skin

You don’t need to worry about your results looking “fake” with Belotero Balance (+). It integrates seamlessly with your own skin tissue so that, even at a microscopic level, your results look and feel natural.2,3

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For more information about starting your aesthetic journey with Belotero Balance (+), download this helpful brochure.

This brochure briefly recaps what makes Belotero Balance (+) different, what Belotero Balance (+) can be used to treat, and what you can expect from treatment.

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Something to Smile About

  • Evenly blends with skin tissues for a seamless, natural feel with minimal tissue disruption1-5
  • Respects and maintains facial movement and expression1,4
  • Offers predictable and harmonious results for high patient satisfaction and trust8
93% Patient Satisfaction on average

Explore By Treatment Area

Get excited about the results you can achieve with Belotero Balance (+) by reviewing the treatment areas where it’s designed to be used.

Smooth the under-eye area to appear alert and refreshed.5,9

Restore volume around your lips without compromising your facial expressiveness.1-4

Erase these wrinkles that form when you smile and disrupt your facial harmony.1,4,5

Fill in unflattering lines that can distract from your smile.5

Banish these deep, vertical lines from your smile.5

Actual Belotero Balance (+) patient with treatment areas
Actual Belotero Balance (+) patient with treatment areas
Actual Belotero Balance (+) patient with treatment areas
Actual Belotero Balance (+) patient with treatment areas
Actual Belotero Balance (+) patient with treatment areas

Actual patient. Individual results may vary. Courtesy of Iani Silveira, MSN, FNP-BC, CPN | Bella Vida Aesthetics & Wellness

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Actual Belotero Balance (+) patient. Individual results may vary.


Think about describing the fabrics of different athleisure brands. What terms would you use? You might think about one fabric as being buttery smooth, another having different degrees of stretch, and another holding its shape wear after wear. Depending on what you’re looking for from the garment, you might value different attributes in the fabric.

Believe it or not, it’s not that different with filler! So don’t be alarmed by words like “cohesion,” “viscosity,” and “elasticity.” Just like technical fabrics have their own terms, understanding certain words helps us talk about how fillers work with the skin. So here’s what you need to know: Compared with other fillers, Belotero Balance (+) has high cohesion, low viscosity, and low elasticity. We’ll talk more about what that means below.1

Fillers have different properties for different uses

What does it mean to have high cohesion, low viscosity, and low elasticity?

These attributes mean Belotero Balance (+) is soft and able to spread smoothly compared to other HA fillers. They allow Belotero Balance (+) to blend in with the skin and keep its gel structure even when under pressure.1,10

This is great for treating lines that are visible in areas of the face that move a lot and don’t have much space for swelling after the injection.1

It’s also why Belotero Balance (+) is a good choice for a first-time filler patient or for treating areas of the face where heavy, thick filler might look and feel unnatural.1

Results from clinical trials of patients treated with Belotero Balance (+)

Clinical trials looked at the safety and effectiveness of Belotero Balance (+)
across different treatment areas. Overall, the results showed that:

  • Belotero Balance (+) can improve the appearance of the nasolabial folds (lines around the nose and mouth) for 6 months or more5,11
  • Belotero Balance (+) is safe and effective to treat the tear trough area under the eye5,9
  • The most common side effects were temporary and included swelling, bruising, redness, hardening of the skin, pain, altered color, and itching5

Actual Belotero Balance (+) patient. Individual results may vary.


Ready to see the results you could achieve with Belotero Balance (+)? Take a look at these real patient before & after images to see Belotero Balance (+) in action across the different treatment areas that it’s approved to treat.

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