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Actual Belotero Balance (+) patients. Individual results may vary.

Why Belotero Balance (+)?

Belotero Balance (+) manufacturing produces a smooth, flexible gel that integrates directly into the skin. This helps enhance skin by smoothing stubborn etched-in lines and wrinkles.1-3


These qualities make Belotero Balance (+) ideal for areas that need a product to fill, refine, and move with the dermis.1

Feels natural
to touch

Since it integrates fully into your skin, injected areas feel natural to the touch.1-3

Maintains facial

Because of its unique design, Belotero Balance (+) doesn’t interfere with normal movement and facial expressions.1,4

See The Smooth For Yourself With Real Patient Before & Afters

Discover the transformative power of Belotero Balance (+) through real patient before & after pictures. Feel inspired by real results and see how you too can use Belotero Balance (+) to achieve subtle and natural enhancements with filler.

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Belotero Balance patient’s undereye tear trough close up

Curious about under-eye filler?

Here’s how Belotero Balance (+) can treat the under-eye area

Think all hyaluronic acid fillers are the same? Think again. Belotero Balance (+) can now treat the sensitive under-eye area with advanced
technology.5 If you’ve been curious about what filler can do to smooth your
tear troughs, check out these results.

See Patient Results

Actual Belotero Balance (+) patient. Individual results may vary.

Looking for solutions for lines around your lips?

Learn how Belotero Balance (+) can help

Your smile says a lot about you, but that doesn’t mean it has to say your age. Keep your lips sealed on that secret with fillers that provides natural, subtle results that won’t compromise your expressiveness.1-4

See Lip Line Results
Blond woman in profile tucks hair behind one ear

Actual Belotero Balance (+) patient. Individual results may vary.

Learn About Dermal Fillers

If you’re new to fillers, it’s natural to have questions. Get the download on dermal fillers with this helpful overview. You’ll learn what fillers are made of, what they can be used to treat, and other answers to all your filler FAQs.

About Dermal Fillers
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